Bootleg Holiday Party Poem

‘Tis a night before Christmas

And through Liz’s house

All the members are assembling

Some even with a spouse


Packages are snuck through the front door with care.

The tree guards the ‘found’ treasures to be swapped on a dare.

The ladies all look glittery; some imbibe a little wine.

The men may seem jittery, but really, they’re fine.


The nibblies are all nibbled; the drinks are all sipped.

Fond memories are quibbled; clever anecdotes are quipped.

The goodies are arrayed on the table—a feast!

Short bread, shrimp, fruit, potatoes, & roast beast.


The ladies retire to the living room for a group shot.

They gather, they pose, they crack up, they look hot!

The sweet Holiday Fairy known as Meggie-moo

Hands out numbers & tells her mom what to do.


The order is set. Number One takes control.

Open then steal or stay—how will we roll?

Is everyone pleased with whatever they’ve got?

Or will a greedy swapper steal what she has not?


Next, sugarplum-yummy dessert is gobbled down.

Then with dishes, coats & gifts, folks head to homes around town.

As everyone hurries through the chilly, star-filled night,

They call to each other:  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & to all a Good Night!


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