Room for Just Two Angels? – Feb 2011 Minutes

Everyone made the meeting hosted by Katie –  (even book selector Karen S…at the last minute…in her jammies…& sadly late for the super-delish appetizers) 

THE THIRD ANGEL by Alice Hoffman
Karen S picked this book because:
1. a quick selection was needed & this was in her ‘book basket’
2. she liked the cover (yes she DID go there!)
3. it could be read comfortably with flashlight during power outages in 3 weeks
Her overall opinion: this premise of a 3rd angel  is ridiculous

 For our GENERAL CHATTER, BOOTLEG BOOK REVIEW, & CASTING: power outages (again!) & recap of fun during Jan. meeting; bridge closing on Cedar (we’ll never get to Bethesda again); Stone Ridge’s personal police officer; budgets based on speed cameras for cash (what?!?); cell phones & driving & dying; how could Oprah go from hating iPods to LOVING iPads?; Kitty’s Rhone River cruise (Aug. 31); Foreign Empathies (Christchurch, NZ earthquake/Katie’s student & Revolution in Cairo/Liz’s associate)/North Korea ‘Nothing to Envy’/Marie’s book referral:  tough Orwellian situation for defectors

we mostly disagreed w/Hoffman’s assertion it could be read front-to-back & back-to-front; very KLUDGE (look it up) interconnections between the various plot lines & characters ; the links were ‘McGivered’ together too often; info is withheld to create suspense (not slow & careful revelation of key tidbits)  – this just leaves blank spaces; symbollic-y use of fox, rabbit, & heron did not impress at least 5 of us – was she trying to write a fable for adults?; Heron Story – so bleak! a la the original Grimm’s…we wish she’d brought the heron back at the end of the novel to give it more heft/meaning [time out:  Angelika relays the PreK Killer Heron story – ‘look kids, out the big window…there’s an amazing heron!  Aaak!  It’s stabbing something to death – look away, look away….]; Clarence (It’s A Wonderful Life) as catalyst for 3rd angel concept? Clarence = WAY better; were Paul, Jamie, and/or Ted Healey ‘3rd angels’?; did an actual ghost haunt Tom Healey or was it ‘just’ his pain/guilt?; Hoffman’s portrayal of settings (London!) were really great and aided the novel overall; too many characters & some of us didn’t read any of them as ‘British’; despite these hefty criticisms it kept us all reading & we had quite a chat

CASTING:  Young Lucy – Elle Fanning / Allie – Michelle Williams / Maddy – Natalie Portman / Paul – Orlando Bloom / Young Frieda – Haley Steinfeld / Bill – no decision / Dr. Dad – Colin Firth / Jamie – James Franco / Stella – Amanda Seifried / Marianne – Anne Hathaway / Ben Green – Bill Paxton / Charlotte – Emily Blount / Bryn – Dallas Bryce Howard / Michael Maklin – Clive Owen / Ted Healy – Matt Damon / Mrs. Ridge – Meryl Streep / Innkeeper Jones – Emma Thompson                


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