Anything Left Unsaid? Nov 2011 Minutes

Nov 28th Vivienne’s Meeting @ Liz’s House (Viv’s kitchen not done)

-catching up on Thanksgiving
-handing out the long-awaited Yellowstone bookmarks from Sue’s July vacation; ditto fronm Kitty’s super-nice Nice(France) adventure
-baby cuties on the street & in the family
***Baby Matthew Birthday Bets: due date = Dec. 18th             Kitty: Dec. 16th @ 7 a.m. /Mary: Dec. 23rd @ 6:15 a.m. /Liz: Dec. 22nd @ 3:15 p.m. /Shelley: Dec. 22nd @ 8 a.m. /Sue: Dec. 14th @ 3 a.m. /Karen S.: Dec. 19th @ 5 a.m. /Vivienne: Dec. 15th @ 3 a.m. /Karen C.: rocking out at 9:30 Club /Wendy: chatting up the Mayo Clinic big wigs (congrats, Wendy!) /Katie, Marie, Angelika: too distracted to vote (or Katie missed the input)

-boy v. girl expectations
-some of us cleaned & nested; Marie baked endless blueberry pies

-Amazing Race fundraiser @ WJ = very fun
-Breaking Dawn, Pt I – whoo hoo! & creepy
-working retail (if we had to):  clothes = ugh for some, heaven for others; books = mostly fun

-Liz getting fired & quitting – she wouldn’t back down! Tim rescued her!        Her boss’s boss fixed it up & she still gets to whine about her travel schedule

-WJ Sports Banquet update – oh the heartbreak of the field hockey and boys’ soccer season!!!
-Kitty recommends for those in need of a read, ‘The Leftovers’ (post-2nd coming of Christ & the Rapture)
-Shelley’s new dog, Fig – SO cute!
-Kitty is a book hussy (she’s in 3 book clubs!)

Unsaid by Neil Abramson
Sue picked it because Amazon blurb peaked her interes…and that was reason enough!
-plot summary: author is lawyer, wife is vet (dies)
– autistic boy communicating with animals in some ooey-wooey way seemed a gratuitous theme/characterization to some of us
– the dead-but-not-gone wife kept dashing about, popping in & out = disconcerting (not in a good-for-the-story spooky way, but in a way that distracted the reader)
-overall the book was strange & creepy
-legal dialogue was interesting
-chimp is a non-human person v. property = key theme
-irony of how chimp dies (shot)
-good message: one to one relationship you have with your animals is unique & special
-good characters; more getting dropped in all the time may not be so great, though
– the children all connected to the animals but adults often didn’t
-tried to have a Disney epilogue where David is living ‘small & natural’ and enjoying animals
-shows animals as therapeutic & healthful
-David’s boss, Max (ruthless NYC lawyer) sends David to Paris (despite that being his honeymoon locale) – why is this scene added? depth/backstory?
-book = celebration of animals and good explanation fo the motivations of people who love animals
-the title, Unsaid: the chimp, autistic boy, dead wife ….all not saying much!
-could story have been told more effectively w/o the wife just popping in with observations?
-seems you could place book in a tv/culture timeframe:
Ghost Whisperer/Lovely Bones
Tears in Heaven (Clapton song)
Australian research in doubt on autism results
CASTING: (& understudies or options if contract neg. breaks down)
Helena, dead wife – Kate Walsh
David – John Corbett or Ryan Reynolds (isn’t he too young?)
J.C. – Tea Leoni or Renee Zellweger
Max – George Clooney or Alec Baldwin
Sally – Jada Pinkett Smith or Jennifer Hudson
Autistic boy – Jaden Smith (or too much catering to Jada if she’s in?)

December 17th Party 7:00 at Liz’s House-  spouses would be nice, Chinese auction per usual (not being nice is required)


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