Malaria Sucks – November 2012

November 27 Bootleg Meeting:  Viviane’s House (kitchen is done & it’s gorgeous)

Tonight’s meeting is brought to you by the colors teal & blue.

– Viv’s gorgeous kitchen:  the light fixture is from West Elm; counters are quartz; what to do with the big, blank wall?  no aquarium (Viv can’t stand trapped fish); 85″ tv (Viv not lovin’ that); built in with gas fire place (possible winner)
– Shelley’s yummy appetizers..she ALWAYS gets it right
– ‘Did I take my meds?’  If in doubt do you risk zero or double coverage?-
– Vacations: whose is best this year?  Kitty/train ride; Sue/Machu Pichu & Galapagos; Other?  Who cares?  Just take your days and go!
– Grocery stores:  long lines, bad management, lacking staff – UGH
– Silver: store it? sell it? save it to trade during the Zombie Apocalypse!
– Ken Burns – he really is really good; watch his stuff
– Movies:  most thumbs up to Lincoln and Breaking Dawn, pt. 2
– Chop’t:  yummy! go! Wildwood Shopping Center by Balducci’s
– Mini breads for appetizer = actual bread for Am Girl dolls @ the Castle house
– Elem School-itics:  variety shows are ugly, clique-driven disasters (and that’s the parents…)
– Traffic (arggh!):  @ Summit & Knowles backs up to Cedarbrook/Clearbrook Ln
– Robert Kaplan:  gets his wings Nov 30!!! San Diego for 3 years! mega helicopter

SEQUE: Waking deep sleepers is hard! Katie’s mom-in-law slept through labor

THE BOOK:  State of Wonder by Anne Patchett
Sue picked this book b/c: she had it on Kindle; she was going to South America; Bel Canto was a pretty good book
-no mystery to the story (despite the blurb); there was no body so why didn’t at least somebody suspect murder or malpractice at a heinous level?
– A Bootleg Message to Marina:  Please stand up for yourself! We get that you click into authority and just keep chugging along no mater what ‘the data’ shows but really you don’t have to be so compliant for Fox and Swenson.  Really.
– What will Marina do now?  Is she ‘ruined’ & destined to return to the jungle?  Maybe get connected with Milton? Is she pregnant?  With Ander’s baby? Will she just slink back to Mr. Fox? And have the baby with him?
– Mr. Fox = father figure to Marina; kinda icky
– Lariam (malaria treatment) issues for Marina & Swenson’s accidental discovery of malaria cure => seems to be only reason for all those bad dreams Marina had when on lariam….well, that and the fact that Mr. Fox may be replacing that lost dad – – – but why so much drama about separation from her dad?  Did it foreshadow the loss of Easter?  Touch on Ander’s drive to get to his boys? And maybe justify why Marina could leave Easter (w/his parents, the cannibals)?
– Another theme:  in a teacher’s shadow – Rapp/Swenson & Swenson/Marina
– Rapp using his name to name all the discoveries; what an ego
– Does any tribe suck bark for anything in real life? Nobody knew. Google shows various real and snakeoil-y connections to pine, wild cherry and other tree barks for increased fertility (no mention of sucking on quick perusal).  One tree bark in West Africa said to aid fertility and cure malaria.
-Will Easter be okay?  YES!  He was missed and welcomed back so he’ll be loved.  In Book 2 he’ll return to save/redeem Swenson.  In Book 3 he will unify the tribes (perhaps against outside commercial grabbers/pirates) and end cannibalism.  And maybe save the world.

Real Facts (Sue researched Patchett – go, Sue!)
– Day 5 of Peruvian Eco Tour & Patchett wanted civilization back
– Anaconda scene: truly witnessed by Patchett; friends told her MUST be in book
– She cut 75 pages from front of book (and we still thought it was front heavy)
-Barbara 7 Jackie Bovender got their names in the book as a fundraising prize (clever); the real Bovenders were rather stodgy (funny)

Marina – Poorna Jagannathan (1/2 Scan and 1/2 Indian.  for real)
Swenson – Judie Dench
Rapp – no decision; much chatter about less-likeable, James Bond-y types
Anders – Aaron Eckhart
Milton – Rodrigo Santoro
Barbara – Michelle Williams (b/c per Kitty, Jessica Biel is ugly)
Jackie – Justin Timberlake
Mr. Fox – Liam Nissam (spelling?)
Karen (Ander’s wife) – so much nattering…no decision
Easter – Will Smith’s son definitely is OUT

HOLIDAY PARTYgirls only!
Saturday, Dec. 15th 7:00 pm
-bring a check for (local reading/writing charity)
– Serving spoons & spreaders:  a colony of them has established itself in Liz’s kitchen…please retrieve your expats and take them home in December!

January meeting:  Karen S (storm expected); January book pick:  Shelley


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