Don’t Depict Darcy as a Ditherer – Mar 2013

March 2013 Bootleg Book Club
Kitty’s House w/Hege, Marie, Shelley, Katie
Almost there: Karen S (tooth worries), Angelika (tummy/timing worries)
Transition planning: Mary (college choice ‘worries’)
Gone: Karen C, Viviane, Sue, & Liz (@ H2O/beaches w/NO worries)

SPOILER (to our chat) IMAGE from the Guardian.UK
Death Comes to Pemberley satire Mar 2013

Kitty & Barry re-doing bathroom so may keep them here forever but they’d LOVE to move downtown (DC or Bethesda); Shelley’s employee is ‘allergic’ to fruit, esp citrus…smells of rotting garbage to her!; gut bacteria & obesity: gastric bypass surgery changes bacteria to get weight change…not GI limits; bacteria dictates so much of health…gut instinct, the gut is the ‘2nd brain’; organ transplant recipients suddenly developing tastes/cravings of donors; Hege’s parents here for 3+ weeks; Hannah home for spring break!; Haakon still having terribly excessive sleep…now tropical disease doc will check (Marie provides NIH expert); many health crises for all of us (Eric’s stroke & miraculous recovery voted best of the worst); WORST CRIME of RICH SUBURBIA: daughters who won’t respond to parent cell phone calls! Advice: TEXT them…they don’t have phone ringer or vibrant even on; Paul’s 80’s stint in a Nicaraguan jail cell…sprung by cigarettes and a B&B owner who brought Paul’s US passport to the jail; Amanda Knox & Italian law – what a mess!…Shelley & Ron in Italy learned law exams are a total crapshoot…impossible to study; Robert’s copter is down due to sequestration..won’t do 1/2 decent training so will resume full (re)training when $$$ returns; Norwegians understand all Scandinavian languages, Swedes mostly do too, Danes are a bit of a crapshoot… linguistic roots aside, are the Norges just that much smarter? Related comment from Marie – How hard can it be to master all of them? I understand Canadian just fine!

The ALMOST Segue: ‘and we understand British, too’
We interrupt this segue to the book chat to discuss Pope Francis!

Pope Francis: great pedigree…Italian but not, Francis is a cool saint, church of S America is so alive, helping the poor is his main focus, humor, leadership, humility, Jesuits rock (and are rock-strong!), and…it’s all about the shoes (NOT Prada…but old black scruffies…but are they secretly red on the bottom a la Loubitan? No!)

A ‘hard return’ to the book-chat-segue b/c our petite group was dining at the table…Amazing Dinner, Kitty! (Despite her fear that her cooking was not up to Bootleg par…hah! & several ‘confessional reminders’ that others have served purchased items & lived to tell the tale!): paella w/shrimp, green & fruit salads; fab Easter-color carrot cupcakes w/bunny decor from Hege; still, Kitty swears she is never giving up brunch again

BOOK TALK: All present read it. All present were not really very much the richer for having read it. This is what can happen when you mess with the original Darcy literary canon.

Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James – Hege picked it b/c
1. 1st choice ‘The Beginning of an Ending’ by Julian Barnes hard to get
2. Mystery fan since 3rd gr…read while non-fluent Norge classmates learned English (A Christie); PD James is ‘the queen’ of the genre esp for character development [best James book = Original Sin]
3. Pride & Prejudice tops Hege’s all-time fav books list

We loved Hege’s reasons for selecting this book; James’ ability to mimc Austen’s writing REALLY diminishes quickly; mostly PD James twisted or misaligned original P&P canon; Elizabeth barely in the book, she did NOT almost fall deeply for Wickham or Fitzwilliam, allusions to her still having feelings for either are ridiculous, Charlotte accuses Elizabeth of marrying Darcy for $ only, Mr Collins barely in the story, Bingly was so oddly tied to Jane’s apron strings and seemed to have almost no tie to Darcy, Fitzwilliam + Georgina was creepy (20+ year age gap and he’d been her guardian), Darcy was a dithering fuss budget just worrying over his role as magistrate, Fitzwilliam had way too big a personality change…PD James sacrificed him to create a red herring, had Elizabeth been more active in problem-solving the pregnancy then the murder & murderer would have been better integrated, as it was written the murder storyline was inorganic and rather meh; PD James did amplify Lydia in such a way as to add to the canon (well done!); kept repeating plot & facts (does James doubt readers’ ability?); we thoroughly enjoyed epilogue components but not the mystery James wrote

TO READ: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies… So odd! So good! And if you like that then try Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer. TO VIEW: Harvest of Empire (Marie, @ AFI), Great & Powerful Oz (Kitty), Life of Pi (Katie), Lincoln (all agreed that D Day-Lewis is amazing)

CASTING we cast for roles & intrigue of actors’ past ‘overlaps’:
Elizabeth-Keira Knightly (duh); Darcy-Colin Firth; Fitzwilliam-Vigo Mortensen; Lydia-Pippa from AbFab; Wickham-Keanu Reeves; Sick Murderous Bro-Keiffer Sutherland; Wickham’s Sis-Helena Bonham Carter; Pregnant Sis-Adelaide Clemens (HBO); Jane-Taylor Swift; Bingly-Flavor of the Month; Mr. Bennett-Donald Sutherland; Butler-Downton Abbey’s valet; Good Doc-James Spader; Creepy Doc-Kenneth Brannaugh; Mrs. Reynolds-Emma Thompson; Innkeeper’s Wife-Rhea Perlman; Magistrate-Danny DiVito; Old Silver Polisher-Ken Howard; Capt Denny-Kevin Costner (yes, he is too old but he played a corpse in The Big Chill, so…)

APRIL BOOK: The 19th Wife (Kitty’s pick)@ Marie’s house on Sunday, April 28 @ 11:30 (will she have a new old dog by then?)


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