Mr. Yuk: even one wife is too many

19th wife coverApril  2013 Bootleg Bookclub SUNDAY BRUNCH
Marie’s House with Mary, Karen S, Viviane, Liz, Angelika, Shelley, Kitty, Katie (no Sue, Karen C, or Hege)

Pre-Chatter/PSAs:  WJ theatre is SO awesome on so many levels but be ready for loooong performances; summer after senior year of HS = highest alcohol citation rate for youth – you have been warned; finding ‘job jobs’ is getting a wee bit easier for summer and for real life; Bryce Harper/Tyler Boatright: anyone see the resemblance? (some of us do); Jason Werth: intentionlly uglying up with that beard? or actually from another century? J/Gerry Weed did his kitchen; now that kids are gone, Marie actually likes to cook (we think she liked it before since we’ve benefitted!); how often does one hear from the college graduate? 1x/day up to 1x/week (girls are better at staying in touch; boys trend: 2+ week span); Lunches we ate as kids: caviar sandwiches (Liz); baloney (Shelley); Lebanon baloney & white Am cheese w/potato chips inside (Katie); liverwurst, spam (Mary); Underwood deviled ham w/hardboiled eggs (several); never outgrown PB&J (many; Mary not allowed to eat as a kid)

stop reading!  email Katie your Bootleg recipes! now! for real! do it!

THE 19th WIFE by David Ebershoff – Kitty picked it because:
1. a friend recommended @ election season (Romney’s ties to Mormonism)
2. interesting to read the roots of Mormonism
3. taken with how ‘flexible’ their doctrine seems to be (e.g. 1979 ‘revelation’ that blacks are allowed to join)

COMMENTS: yuck! yuck! yuck!;  book full of some bad,bad men and some dumb, dumb women; author’s premise/plan to show contrast was interesting, but none of us mr_-yukare recommending book to friends; switching between time frames was NOT well-organized; too long for the Kindle (no sense of location/pace within book); some tired of reading the ‘old Elizabeth’ chapters since her plot points grew redundant; ditto for Anne Eliza’s lecture circuit; ; what were Anne Eliza’s real motives? money, fame, to take down Brigham Young? all/other?; what the heck happened to poor James (the 2nd son left behind)?; Roland’s role was funny/odd – why was he needed in this story (a ‘real’ life foil? or ‘escape plan?’); the modern chapters were SO thinly plotted & had weak character changes; these chapters were ‘bling’ (funny characters, quirky scenes) to catch reader attention and suck them into Mormon history; IT IS/WAS ALL SO CREEPY!!!! option: Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer – maybe a better read/presentation

POLYGAMY NOW – What is the exact law being broken? After all, guys can father children left and right and not get arrested. And if you set up separate houses, then it’s not polygamy, right? Adultery laws may get you. But for polygamy, does legal trouble come from breaking laws related to packing so many women & kids into ‘one’ homestead (e.g. tax implications, over- or mis-claiming benefits, child abuse/endangerment)? It’s currently allowed in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East & probably elsewhere (most are traditional/tribal allowances much older than Firsts/Mormonism…we think).

What woman accepts this (as depicted in the book) and why?
born & raised that way; truly believe it’s the only way to Heaven; ‘Stockholm syndrome’; economic hostage; driven to protect/stay with kids; some may enjoy the camaraderie of living with other women & even status they earn within that group, but still…

A Theory on the Firsts: moms know it’s wrong – they see the damage to their own daughters; they may not be brave or smart enough to act, but they know it’s wrong; kids stay b/c they literally don’t know better & are half-starved so even the smart ones can’t plot/predict/escape; … & local ‘normal’ looks away (?)

CASTING – we didn’t want to think about the creepy people any more

MAY BOOK: Crescent by Diana Abujabir (Marie’s pick) @ Katie’s house


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