The Night Circus (DJ’ed by Liberace)

September 2013 Meeting:  Bootleg @ China Gourmet
Sue’s Sunday Spa Day moved to a Tuesday Night on the Town
Sue, Shelley, Mary, Karen S., Viviane, Katie (& almost Angelika)

BEST IN SHOW:  the restaurant sound track cracked us up & interrupted us the whole time – was Liberace the DJ?  Sampling:  Lara’s Theme (Dr. Zhivago), Sunrise/Sunset, The Honeymooners, Born Free, Seasons in the Sun, & more!

PICK:  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Mary picked this b/c she was intrigued by the cover; she loved the MAGICAL SURREALISM of the circus tents; and enjoyed how the magicians were doing ‘real magic’ but trying to make visitors think it was all stage illusions (irony).

COMMENTS: (well, ~65% of a rather dynamic exchange)
-many of us loved it; some glad to be ‘forced’ to read it since it was the book
-it was a book about SETTING: interactions of parts, development of, magical dreaminess within & in contrast to harsh realities or plain confusion/boredom in real world (Bailey) -> changes to the setting = changes in the plot
-theme:  nature vs. nurture
-theme:  time controls us though we try to control it in fancy ways
-theme:  balance in life is important – (positive)complementary creations in the tents vs. manipulating Celia & Marco to over-balance/outreach one another
-theme:  what you choose to see or not see – father fading = couldn’t stand the sight of himself & his ‘career’ was adding ‘up’ to failure after all; architect relished the design process but didn’t look too hard @ infrastructure or funding
-Night Circus followers (red wearers) were like Steampunk Deadheads
-reading the book is like [listening was equally good]:
…going to a different country & coming back in a bit of a happy fog
…spun sugar; it’s a rich experience that quickly melts – did the sweet, ethereal pleasure actually happen?  hard to recall for sure…

we got nowhere despite long discussion except that Anthony Hopkins is Prospero, the mean dad

DINNER: a perfect melange of shared dishes w/surprising elements; and a perfect amount of leftover options to send home with everyone
DESSERT:  Mary brought apple pie to the restaurant. Katie did her best to eat 285% of the giganto pie herself.  Thanks, Pie Slicing Team.


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