A Unique Read: Boston Strong

June 2013 Meeting @ Angelika’s House [Welcome, Finnegan! Good dog.]
MIA:  Mary (swim meet), Viv (int’l travel)
CAMEO:  Karen S. (salad delivery & story on 2 tix fr BWI for out headlight-grr)

CHIT CHAT:  Liz’s ‘walking on sunshine shoes’ from NYC; Hege’s house = packing mania; all Castle children on swim team & loving it; no MoCo landswap deal for Olney-area elem. school-rats; Jamie turned vegetarian after viewing PETA film (ick); China keeps emailing Katie w/promises of fab jewelry; staycation vs. home alone…which is better? (no consensus); basement & open-space 1st floor=excellent for family sporting events; COSTCO & the art of packing cart & car; pine nuts & capers…why do guys hate them?

Boston Marathon 2013 logo

PICK:  Katie picked the July 2013 issue of Runner’s World magazine (a shockingly unusual selection from the original large-tome picker, not to mention a major scofflaw move if ever there was one) because…

1. it was summer & she wanted to give the club a short read (for once)
2. she messed up when to announce her other (MUCH longer) pick
3. she was amazed to discover the multiple genres in and literary value of this particular issue which was dedicated to the Boston Marathon bombings

-consensus on loving to r
ead a magazine with this quality of writing – THIS 1x!
-generated a lot of feeling & we had to walk away before resuming reading
-the cop’s story read like a Robert Ludlum adventure + CSI plot-> enthralling
-the 1st person accounts stitched into a timeline re-telling = brilliant editing!
-A. Burfoot’s essay was all HIS story/ego; stood out from selfless tone of the rest
-amputation/heavy medical stories were balanced, informative medical writing with a heart – not just ‘tv drama’ crap
-the support/fundraising races:  good job showing tension between big push to help create/support a commercialized ’cause’ vs. sweet & genuine recovery steps
-first responders:  is having them show up at every civic or sport event a semi-exploitive ‘dog & pony show’ or non-expiring payment of deserved respect?
-was this issue too much, too soon? would it be better to do this a year later?
-magazine gave insight/depth/angles not shown on TV or in the paper = good
-some of us read other papers & magazine on the Boston bombing and thought Runner’s World did a good job keeping to the theme & tone;  solemnity with some hopeful moments (but not too light)
-hyper-saturation of the story & then it disappears so the next Big Story can sell more ad time.  The 5th Estate is in a sorry state (but budget realities do exist).
-interesting to watch foreign-based news shows for varying perspectives on any story or trend (good or bad)
-older bombing brother was in training to be a terrorist…younger seemed to just get swept up – do either of them warrant pity?  Maybe.  Sympathy/empathy?  Probably not – but what a sad waste

POSTSCRIPT:  It was fun to read a magazine [Kitty:  “I loved reading even just the ads – there are running products in the world I never knew existed & for purposes I’d never imagined!]… However, we simply must stick with books.  Word.


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