A Yummy Middle Eastern Melange

May 2013 Meeting @ Hege’s House (Katie’s house was a wreck due to painters)

PRE-CHATTER  more-than-usual exceptionally yummy appetizers; Daniel S. makes a wine deliver/meeting rescue; our parents & are they straight w/us about their health needs?; got scans? (dexa, colon, mammo)

Wades–>NORWAY!!! Photos of Hege’s new house:  Oooooh-aaaaah!!!!

THE BOOK Crescent by Diana Abu-Jaber
Marie picked it:  1.5 yrs ago she read it & thought it would be good for a pick; Middle Eastern colleague recommended it as legit/valid; the Boston  Marathon bombing reaffirmed reading it now since there’s a strong immigrant theme

crescent cover

-typical love stories are not always so engaging but the older characters were charming
-Uncle’s storytelling was a BONUS
-beautifully written but hard to get carried away by a rather too-thin plot
-some of us didn’t really care much about Sirine
-ending ties things together well & it’s nice to see he’s alive and coming back
-Om Nadia is a really good character
-the shop does a beautiful job connecting cultures over cardamon coffee & other comfort foods…seems to be realistically idealistic (or vice versa, in a + way)
-can we use the word Aryan or is it forever corrupted?  Must we use “northern European” forevermore to avoid any hint of bigotry?
-did any of us realize this was influenced by Othello?  Sigh – not really.
Sirine – Nia Vardolos or Jennifer Aniston
Han – Joe Manganiello
Uncle – Tony Shaloub
Azziz – David Suchet
Nathan – Justin Bartha (a la geeked-up Riley in Nat’l Treasure)
Om Nadia – Debra Winger

DINNER – Totally delish lentil & rice with mint yogurt sauce dish called mjeddrah. Katie rarely hits a home run on food, hence the props here.


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