Bookman's TaleOctober 29, 2013 @ Shelley’s House (all in but AS)

GOOD OBSESSIONS: Daniel S & Kelci! (he proposed; she said yes; Karen made a scene in Safeway); sharing news in person (better than always sharing via social media); retiring! (Liz); finding a Zen way to release the anguish of horrific traffic…or not! (Marie will enlighten us); wedding plans! close vs. afar affairs! cheap-yet-elegant-&-meaningful! advice! more advice! more advice!?!! …a bookclub shower, perhaps? Portugal! (swinging cats & never missing good architecture or delish fish); beach! (nuf said on that); the menu! (deviled eggs, tomato+moz., leek & potato soup,  salad, that bread, French Silk pie…ooh-la-la)

Answers to STRANGE OBSESSIONS that may be on your version of The List:
-reboiling partially boiled eggs to get properly hardboiled eggs does not work
-ballpoint pens work with friction/adhesion, pressure, gravity, and fairy dust(?)
-left-lane drivers in Germany & Portugal don’t have accidents they meet death
-yes, you can set your clock by Karen S’s 9-o’clock hour allergy attacks
– private school boys (esp) start Kindergarten late so they can rock HS; oh well
– public school:  Common Core report cards are strange-but-pretty-ok
having an obsession can be sinister; what’s the line or overlap between that and being, like SO obsessed [insert valley girl accent] or OCD-ly obsessive?

LITERARY OBSESSION-of-the-Month: The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett
Sue picked it b/c Amazon lead her to it & she like the time travel and conspiracy themes.  They gave a ‘haunting’ tone suitable for the month, perhaps?
– the Shakespeare mystery really is real & it was fun/neat to have a book on it
– Peter, Amanda and Liz were very well-written but esp. by the end they got mixed up in a Scooby Doo plot (ruh-roh). Or Indiana Jones. Or Nancy Drew.
– did Peter’s character arc ring true?
YES:  he had actual social skills from over 7+ years with Amanda but we didn’t understand this until he finally started his recovery-from-grief list and circumstances then catapulted him to be even more…plus he thought Amanda was still with him for most of the final recovery stages + adventuring
NO:  no way that OCD, lap-doggish spouse was going to turn into Indiana Jones-for-3rd-graders b/c he found an old portrait and hallucinated at the right time
antiquarian: say THAT 3x fast!  Or even just once, as you are able.
antiquarian book mystery w/some time travel & maybe a visit or 5 from Amanda would have been sufficient:  omit the multi-family dramas, please
-…and whatever happened to the caretaker who shot himself in the leg anyway?

Peter – Toby Maguire (as long as he doesn’t squint/has good lighting)
Amanda – Krysten Ritter
Liz – ??? [and that’s where we stopped trying]

November Book:  The Art of Fielding (Shelley’s pick)
@ Viviane’s on Wed., Dec. 4th


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    Katie,  As always, gre

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