Unfathomable Fortitude

February 2014 @ Kitty’s (March 1) – Brunch!
Karen C, Liz, Marie, Mary, Viviane, Katie
Karen S – emergency work trip…even though it was her pick 😦

Chit Chat: Karen C’s March Madness Main Character brackets (will Katniss meet Harry in the final?); Karen S busting her a$$ more at 50 than at 30; conclusion:  50 is the new 30; Mary blurbs a charming classic kids book: Adele & Simon (he loses stuff all over Paris) by Barbara McClintock; Liz places a line in the sand, “independent booksellers WILL make it”  & will back this up hosting an April 11th book launch party for Carl Hoffman’s book on a missing Rockefeller & potential cannibalism (Marie is intrigued); the fete could be the first step in Liz’s [Lucrative] Literary Salon; Kitty highly recommends the American Cool exhibit @ the Portrait Gallery

Speaking of cool [how’s that for a segue, eh, Karen S.???]…
Karen S. picked Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand because:
– of the 3 on her nightstand this was most available in the library
– She loved is HS 180-degree change, his amazing resilience but not the ‘research-y’ writing style.

Group Critiqueunbroken-cover_custom-0a55df2637ae96369dd0302be5ad4de816c6b0ab-s6-c30

  • Mary stopped reading it since her mom was set to sail to China 12/1/41; Kitty’s dad-in-law won’t give to Red Cross b/c they aided Japanese post-WW2; Marie’s dad wouldn’t eat rice (it was always moving in Japan)
  • Writing was clear, direct, not white-washed; NOT written to titillate or aggrandize the graphic violence = all very, very good
  • Dreadful & wonderful portrayal of  life is so dear & so cheap.
  • So many Major Life/Historical Events – holy cow!  childhood craziness, track star, Olympian, shook Hitler’s hand (ick), surviving bomber training, LOST @ SEA (sharks on the freakin’ raft, fixing a leak, 47 days), POW X 10
    ****And he managed to find & offer FORGIVENESS.  Wow.
  • Discussion of traditional Japanese pride vs. humility with the loss; what was true then & what is the case now (writ large)?

No casting; Angelina Jolie took care of it; movie info here:


Post Chatter: How to select/define your favorite book; when/why you read it probably matters; options: it’s re-readable (by you), it spoke to you for personal reasons at a particular time (and maybe should not be reread since you’ve changed since then, maybe), the traits of the book are intriguing (e.g. Chevalier’s ability to convey light in Vermeer’s painting)

Book’s we recommended in the moment for various reasons:
A Hundred Years of Solitude (Mary), Gone with the Wind (Liz), A Search for Delicious (pic book, Mary), and some others…

Book you should NEVER read but also should not miss because it’s so devastating:  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Viviane)

March meeting @ Marie’s house
Kitty’s pick for March:  “Sea of Poppies” by Amitov Ghosh


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