‘Sea of Poppies’ = artistic turn of phrase for ‘Seasick over Status’ or ‘Drowning in Dialect’

March 2014 @ Marie’s (sunset view from LR window = gorgeous)
Shelley, Liz, Sue, Angelika, Kitty, Katie & Marie

Chit-Chat:  What IS Katie’s job?  (www.aspb.org); Day of the Book – Liz on the case for sponsorships; couch sizes – if  3 cushions then 3 must sit there…Sue’s new couch fits 2 reclining adults + 2 sprawling dogs; Kitty’s sis moving from NJ

Important PSA: Don’t go to Northern VA.  Ever.  (exception:  Wolftrap)

Chit-Chat Resumed:  MoCo is a hotbed of Words w Friends addicts; May is HUGE for Marie (Margaret & Daniel graduate; Robert may deploy); Frontgate catalog:  regular version vs. you’ve $ince purcha$ed $omething ver$ion

Important Memory:  looking thru Sears/JCP catalogs as kids (a few of us recall the year one male model’s private parts were no longer private)

Kitty’s Pick:  Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh – recommended by work mate
– Marie only one to finish (Katie ~3 pages away)
– characters likeable or the writing of them was likeable; but there were SO many
-handily woven plot lines for (most) all the many characters (none left dangling)
-but overall plot was stutter step of flow/not flow
-language/dialect very disruptive at times (even once you ‘adjusted’)
-beautiful brief passages, descriptions, and analogies
-so much unsavory illness, muck & caste- or status-related abuse…ugh!
-so many big themes were introduced but not fully explored; e.g.:  Zach as black/passing 2nd mate of slave ship; Putli & female freedom; paternity & inheritance; addiction vs. escapism; penal & judicial code; starting over vs. running…it’s as if  the dialect interrupted deeper interactions over these key themes; they were demonstrated but not delineated

Dinner was divine!  Marie’s curried chick pea & squash w/brown rice.  YUM!

Best Quote/Quip:  The group was seeking a fact for which none of us had proper terms or any real ‘hooks’ yet Marie headed to the computer in the other room.  Upon being asked, ‘How can you look up something you don’t know on the internet?’ she immediately said, ‘because I’m a librarian!’

No casting. We are wimps.

April Meeting @ Liz’s on the 30th to discuss Marie’s pick, Buddhaland Brooklyn by Richard Morais


2 responses to “‘Sea of Poppies’ = artistic turn of phrase for ‘Seasick over Status’ or ‘Drowning in Dialect’

  1. Excellent recap, and I appreciate your not emphasizing the fact that I didn’t finish my own choice!

  2. Shelley Boatright


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