Transformers, Buddha-Style

April 30, 2014 Meeting @ Liz’s
Rainy, rainy, floody, street closing night!
all in but Viviane (basement flood); Karen C (studying); Sue (busy)

Chatter:  Kitty @ JazzFest NOLA) – ‘ a parade a day’; Frankly Pizza site has had leaky walls (caveat emptor); craft beer is cool; Dave & Busters should move to old Ham. Hamlet space by WJ; SEGUE:  haiku for pet owners –

dog chews book corner
sh! slip into the night drop box
the rain continues

Marie picked Buddhaland Brooklyn by Richard Morais because:
1. newer releases she had in mind are too hard to get
2. online reviews were good
3. author’s 1st book will be a movie soon
4. liked it 1.5 yrs ago/liked re-reading, too
5. right size and light-enough tone
6. enjoyed the theme of TRANSFORMATION, esp. main character

– All read but Karen S. (no time; it was an I book anyway)
– change, growth from Japan to NYC = appealing
– 1 foot in reality & 1 in spiritual realm = cool balance
– sloooow start b/c he was slow to interact; even boring at first b/c he was boring
– book had reserved tone, at first, to match his reserved tone
– are Buddhists a bit Episcopalian-ish? does anyone get what that means?
– this book’s Buddhist sect was made up & we liked that tidbit
– author’s acknowledgement thanks the reader: we loved that!
– most characters were so well-developed
– …but there was an almost ridiculous variety of archetypes
– loose ends?  actually most seemed to get tied up
– Japan setting: vivid & vibrant while people were less distinct
– NYC settings:  city was in background as people were more distinct
– Japanese priests shopping jag:  odd but understandable
-main character’s coming into his own (rediscovering art, having a relationship, bird on dock scene, fire flashback, social moments, suicide) was compelling

Dessert (kudos, Marie!):  cream puff origami swan, brownie & ice cream!!!

May pick (by Liz):  A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby @ Katie’s TBD


2 responses to “Transformers, Buddha-Style

  1. Thanks, Kitty! I think Liz took a picture of the dessert- hopefully she’ll share

  2. You rock, as always. I think I made the Episcopalian connection but no idea why. And can’t believe I missed a fantastic-sounding dessert!

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