Can you handle the TRUTH?

August 2014 @ Mary’s House
Kitty, Marie, Viviane, Angelika, Katie, Mary, Liz (late)
Others absent for good or ill (Karen S. in KY for Daniel’s Wedding!!!)

Kitty’s way-awesome trip to Spain; bookmarks!

MC – so many kids attending that we know!
Sorority life – so many facets, some good & some bad
Angelika quit teaching; she runs a doggie B&B. Perfect.  Segue to her pick…

Thunchangeable spotse Unchangeable Spots of Leopards by Kristopher Jansma
1. Read 2 chapters of 3 library books; this was best/most available
2. Great style, imagery, descriptive writing
COMMENTS:  (most did not read or read much) 1st part enjoyable/good (airport); such a great mishmash of locations with strong through lines; key lines = what is true factually, per memory and per Timeless Truth; You can tell truth without having the facts real/correct = main goal of fiction

Ayla – Wendy’s girl (moonlight); Avery Lee – Matt’s (Liz) best friend’s girl

Next meeting @ China Gourmet (Sue’s) 7 pm Sept. 25 for
Benjamin Franklin’s Bastard (Mary’s pick)


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