Cosmic Chaos at Spaghetti Junction

Am GodsJune 26, 2014 Meeting @ Karen C’s House
attendance not noted

Book Porn: catalogs of delectable books with seductive blurbs; so tempting!

Bad Behavior @ A Lesser Book Club:  A Certain Someone won’t read her book (Savage Harvest) b/c she disliked it.  She asked Liz to guest speak & Liz could not so Certain Someone canceled her meeting and then off-the-cuff/last-minute switched her book selection. For shame.

50 Year Book Club in Potomac Woods – pretty cool, very sweet

Karen C’s neighborhood book club usually reads books that get made into Life Time movies.  One book was on a guy w/cancer & host’s brother had cancel so she canceled meeting.  Karen hosted last-minute in her stead (and in her absence).  Ok to do?  YES!

Beach house/B & B/ Old Hotel libraries for guests = odd, fun pickings

Stone Ridge Book Sale is no longer a staple of 20895. Sigh.

THE BOOK:  American Gods by Neil Gaiman – Katie picked it b/c she
1. …read it several years ago & was fascinated on so many levels2. …wanted to discuss it with lots of people>>>book club!

COMMENTS:  creeepy & fantastical; nobody read it in large chunks so ‘digging deep’ was tough; too hard to listen to; scams (in plot) were good/fun to follow; our more literal members did not like it so much; how does a person write something like this????; EVERYTHING is in this book…all tossed together like spiritual spaghetti in cosmic chaos; clever how the old gods came from other countries and stayed in with immigrants who brought them and then new gods came along as ‘progress’ took over; the whole Lakeside Story was good (creepy good, too); with all the references, it was easy to feel dumb or exhausted while reading; this book may have needed a reading guide or weekly check-ins with each other to align comprehension; Everyman = Shadow; Shadow = ‘in the shadow of the gods”; COINS:  Odin’s magic which is a magnet to Shadow; do not seem to quite link to Judas; coin tricks/sleight of hand = reality vs. ‘backstage’ that gods could visit

Biggest compliment:  the non-finishers are pretty sure they WILL finish reading the book… Did they?

Shadow – undecided (is that perfect, or what?)
Laura – Emily Blount
Wednesday – James Lipton
Low Key/Loki – Mickey Rourke
Mad Sweeney – Conan O’Brien
Czernobog – Steve Buschemi
Mr. Nancy – Don Cheadle
Sam – Shalene Woodley (over exposure?)
Youngest of 3 stars – Claire Danes

July meeting @ Mary’s for Angelika’s pick



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