Don’t Be a Bastard

Okay, maybe it’s not that simple…

Bootleg Book Club September 2014 Sue’s Meeting @ China Gourmet
[absent:  2 Karens (business/kids); Angelika (WV); Marie (CA!)]

ChitChat:  travel plans and wishes (Kitty to South Africa !!! Aug 2015); ordering food chaos (Mary takes charge); Liz’s FL Bookstore BFranklin by CabotWorkshop (SO much info>>>Literary Lounge, we hope); Sue>>new Suburu & new grandchild!!! (Feb);…and speaking of children (but in a much less ideal sense):

Mary picked Benjamin Franklin’s Bastard by Sally Cabot
1. She likes historical fiction
2. She wanted to read about Ben Franklin esp. since she has a good friend who is a Franklin aficionado

BookChat:  overall, the strength of the women was an asset to the book; similar to ‘Loving Frank’ in that most readers ended up with disdain/dislike of the title character; some (maybe just Yours Truly?) was annoyed by what seemed to be Cabot’s agenda to take down a founding father – it wasn’t a balanced account of an imperfect person in un-ideal situation trying to rise above the worst…it’s a look at ‘the worst’; most of us could accept that he married Debby & stayed with her both for love and because he wanted to rescue her from the life he’d had a role in creating for her (by ignoring her for so long on his first and later, subsequent stays in London)…but it wasn’t a great partnership/classic love story by any means; these women were just moths to Ben’s flame – we were a bit shocked to find that he apparently had quite the sex appeal; the writing style was a bit too 7th grade/too simple; Anne:  too many A+ skills (weaving, upholstery, tavern running, nannying, sparkling conversation, scheming, whoring, gift of gabbing) for anyone – just not believable as a character; many of us unaware of the significant and public/political rift between Franklin and his son (if the ‘fact’s of this story are true & wrt to this, it seems they are); readable but not ‘a keeper’

Dessert: Mary went to JennyCakes & hit it out of the park!

Next Meeting:  Shelley’s House in October

Sue’s Pick: The Dove Keepers by Alice Hoffman

Btw, Mary also recommends (for fun): All the Light We Cannot See by A. Doerr


One response to “Don’t Be a Bastard

  1. I enjoy so much reading your minute of each one of our meetings. Not an easy deed: concise, always funny even when the subject of the book is not so, and getting the atmosphere right. Planning on keeping enjoying them!

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