4 Women and a Funeral

October 2014 Book Club
@ Shelley’s w/Liz, Marie, Shelley, Sue, Mary, Me

Chit Chat:  Rental space in Bethesda is too expensive, at least for bookstore profit margins; Shelley’s mom’s knee surgery (Newport Beach, CA), recovery (Vegas, baby), rehab (DE???) going well; ice skating ‘callers’ – tell judges spin count, landing blade & eliminate cheaters (right, Tara Lupinski?); Gone Girl Fan Club Moment & we read Flynn’s Three Angels (GG better; movie, too); And This is Where I Leave You (another of our reads) film funny enough; post-film ‘you are not safe’ voice piped into bathroom speakers just as the ladies were ‘powdering noses’ triggered a giggle-palooza; startled by Liz’s 8:15 moonrise alarm; Katie’s Nov. 9th marathon is obsessing her (but comments on apparent health/strength much appreciated); Marie’s trip to San Diego was AWESOME (bookmarks from public library cool, too); Kirstie’s Halloween Avocado (work costume!) consultation; sidetracked to talk about weddings (why???) = segue to all the extramarital behavior of the book….

Mary as a Bee Oct 2014

Mary says, ‘Bee Careful. Roman tricks are no treat.’

Book Talk:
The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

Sue picked it for high Good Reads rating.
Four of us read it. One made it to page 125 and couldn’t take the tone & odd voice anymore. It was a slow start & voice/tone were difficult, but got better at ~page 127. It was a stream-of-consciousness with punctuation mash-up.

We spent a lot of time summarizing plot & character arcs (and sidebar non sequitors) for the non-readers. We liked the symbolism of lion throughout. We all read fast; did we miss other mega symbols?

Hoffman did a MASTERFUL job incorporating a ton of history into a very character-oriented plot. Some magical embellishments (e.g. disappearing into shadows with 100% invisibility) were too much, but mostly it was an organic blend of old gods with One God traditions. Interesting & believable take on Essenes (of which so little is known). Ditto on Moab culture. Cool use of actual remains to create Man of the North. Clever how the 4 women’s stories finally were fully intertwined. Not so believable how blatantly outspoken Yael could be as a survivor before the Roman General who conquered Masada (‘of course we’ll tell them what you did at Masada [you big arse]’ was just too obvious). EVERYONE (even if they had a small win or a positive connection with somebody) ALWAYS took the ‘this can’t last’ and ‘my reaction to this proves I’m a sinning weasel’ response. And this is when they thought they were going to win on Masada. So, so negative. And did the survivors have to go to Alexandria for their descendents to deal with yet another massive funeral…?

A 4-part mini series will air in 2016, according to Sue. “Oh, joy” seems the proper ironic/bad pun response.

Casting: Ben Yasir (Cristian Bale); Shirah (Angelina Jolie-like, but not her); Yael (Laura Prepon); Azziza (?); Revka (Young Rhea Perlman-like, but not her); Man of the North (??); Man of the Valley (?), Moab Husband… oh  forget it.

November Meeting:  Viviane’s house, date TBD
Shelley’s Book: TBD


One response to “4 Women and a Funeral

  1. Great notes. as usual. Love the picture of “The Bee” with “The Book”!

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