Feet First & the Last Laugh

November 20, 2014 @ la casa de Viviane (no Kitty or Karen C)

CHATTER:  It’s official, the Schuler Boys-to-Men are Bootleg’s safety net for liquid refreshment needs, esp. wine; Kirstie’s Co-star Halloween Team (food) won for Funniest Costumes ($200…happy hour!); Lunch is expensive, Grasshopper. So eat in; Livestock worrying is a real crime in the UK; farmers can shoot your dog on sight if dog is on their property; Liz & Sue +2 going to Iceland in March (northern lights! eclipse!); Green bean appetizer (breaded) = addictive (thx, Safeway); South Beach Diet causes bread withdrawal tremors (Safeway bean app fixes that); Thanksgiving Break in MT: Christopher Schuler hosting…Ben Stablow attending; Liz’s group does 2nd turkey to ensure proper sandwich-age   MORE CHATTER:  Buffalo Snow Deluge spurred loooong discussion on NFL –  game location, Redskins v. Other Fan Faves (go, Steelers); topic continued almost as long as school-itics or pool-itics topics have in the past

Verbal Chaos:  6 different topics underway; a note taking boycott ensued

If late on the evening before or day of the meeting you cannot come, then you must call another member (not the hostess) to ‘cover’ for what you agreed to bring. Alternatively, you can drop off your item prior to the meeting (when you can). Goal: Don’t leave the hostess in the lurch at the last minute.

On an unrelated note (cough)…we all drank tepid tap water on this night.

And if you consider ‘leaving in a lurch’ a sufficient segue, then it’s time for…
THE BOOK:  The  Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce



Shelley picked it because:
1. Orphan Train & 1 other not suitably available in MoCo library (sorry, Harold…you’re 3rd choice)
2. She wanted ‘fun & easy’ like the Guernsey Potato crew or Major Pettigrew (good for you, Harold…you debunked Shelley’s ‘bias’ about English  novels)

So, it was very heavy and sloooow; once you gave over to Harold’s pace & purpose then the language and other literary features were lovely; the boat shoes, plasters, duct tape, etc were very endearing; his keep-it-simple attitude was, too; while most of the plot, setting, character arcs, etc were clear & of sufficient heft, some key plot moments seemed (and perhaps proved to be) intentionally vague by the author so that not too much was revealed too early, but this vagueness wasn’t so distracting given that Harold, Maureen, Queenie and others were ‘vague’ for perfectly good reasons anyway; on the other hand…most of us quickly saw early on 1) David had committed suicide,  2) Harold’s journey was spiritual a la Pilgrim’s Progress, and 3) the author had some direct experience with ugly cancer death given the graphic descriptions of Queenie (note: author’s dad); There was something charming about Harold walking to Queenie as he was walking both away from his past and back to a happier connection with Maureen; We all liked how their shared joke/memory was not revealed to us in the end.

CASTING:  Harold/James Cromwell; Queenie/Imelda Staunton; Rex/Roger Ashton Griffiths; Maureen/Penelope Keith; & we shoulda casted Kate (gas station girl) & maybe the bad kid who was his 1st follower

(spontaneously suggested/inserted by Yours Truly)
Theme Song Theme Song Theme Song
This month’s selection is almost too obvious:
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers
(click here to listen & enjoy)

NEXT MEETING:  Karen S in January; book & date TBD
December is the Bootleg Shindig at Chez Liz


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