Talking in Circles

Thursday, January 29, 2015 @ The Schuler Residence
[not a blizzard; but unsettled, cold weather nonetheless]

Attendees – Karen S., Marie, Liz (made it just in time), Mary (stayed longer than she’d expected to; with luck, didn’t suffer from not having done her “homework”), Shelley, Viviane, Kitty (note taker…Katie ill)

Pre-Book Discussion:

Many thanks to Andrew, who set everything up and made the soup – delish!

In fact, all the food was delish. And Shelley’s cheese and onion dip – OMG! Thank you for passing on the recipe; at least two of us made it for Superbowl parties, to great acclaim.

Daniel’s wedding photos – Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding, gorgeous in-laws (well, one set anyway). The photographer created an amazing, artsy book and Daniel and Kelsey look like models (but happy ones).

Karen’s dogs – Rogue and Maverick, who likes to French kiss.

Wendy and baby Alia – Adorable, and Wendy creates great cards using the baby as a prop.

Viviane’s stepson – Provided humanitarian relief post-Katrina and Sandy and left the field in frustration.

Liz – Arrived late, directly from the Dominican Republic. We should all be booking our trips to the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, which is “almost perfect.”

Remember to give Liz money for the library – she’s president of the Friends of the Library. Also, donate books for and then buy books at the used book sale (also one coming up at WJ).

The Book: At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcon – an excellent book club book; a very good discussion.

Liz, Viv, Shelley, and Karen read the book; Mary read about half; Kitty and Marie were negligent.

Viviane picked the book to please her non-American friends, who said we never read non-American books.

Circular story-telling – Some liked it, some not. Does it explain the title? (Also, walking in circles in the prison yard.)

Does it matter what country the book takes place in? Karen wants to know where it is, and several people have pretty firm ideas. It seems that a lot of Latin American authors use unnamed countries (see Bel Canto, e.g.); is that a protective measure for them?

Some thought the book read like it had been translated (Liz did not think so), but in fact the guy has lived in the United States since he was three.


Henry                    Christian Bale

Pata Larga           Jimmy Smits

Nelson                  James Ransome

Ixta                        Marga Robbie

(and no, very few people knew who those last two actors are)




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