Yellow Dirt (Down in Your Soul)

March 25, 2015 @ Kitty’s (not brunch!) – Sans Karen C, Viviane & Marie. Sigh.

Iceland (Sue & Liz + 3 others): people are so, so nice; ALL meat (horse, whale, rotten shark); Northern Lights are ADDICTIVE (esp tracking with an app)
Fillmore Fun:  Kitty & Angelika – Cover bands (70s, then 80s & 90s); cover band magic: bring it on…fun for all (geeks, old, young, whatever)
Karen S’s & her mom’s book event was sooo awesome they will do another one! Aging Backward by Miranda White – flex, move, maximize range of motion + the ever-popular Tai Chi Plie (name of a rock band, maybe???)
Thank you letter from Brookside for $$$ for Ann Brooks (Karen C’s aunt)
The  Clutter Book – author talk @ KP library – lots of familiar faces there; have a system & stick with it; send your photos to the cloud!
Left Hang Newton – ‘off the beaten track’ a la Liz; from the same era as ‘grody to the max’ – live and learn

SEGUE – live and learn
BOOK: The Colour by Rose Tremain

Katie picked it because she wanted an historical fiction book about New Zealand and this was the ONLY one in the MoCo library system.

Glummer than one may have wished, but the beautiful writing and tough/fun main character to root for helped balance the general pall over it all. Literary in many ways. Very visual writing: the minute details of daily life were so clear; It took too long to reveal Joe’s crime in England (a bit gimmicky stringing along the reader); Joe running FROM England/Harriet running TO New Zealand/Lillian in the middle, but finally tipped toward NZ (and away from old embarrassments); Hooray for Billy the horse…so, so sad for Beauty the cow…and the dog simply got swept downstream to a new owner (& loooong life) – we’re sure of it….;

Harriett – Hilary Swank
Joseph – Adrian Brody
Lillian – Brenda Blethyn
Pare – Halle Barre
Dinsdale – Helena Bonham Carter
ToBy: Hugh Bonneville
Two Miners: the guys from the Velveeta Liquid Gold commercial

Harriett’s THEME SONG: These Boots Are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra
Josephs’ THEME SONG: Yellow Dirt (Down in Your Soul) by Seals & Crofts

NEXT MEETING: @ Liz’s on April 29 at 7:30

BOOK: (many copies in the library)
The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance by Edmund De Waal.


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