Light Reading, Heavy Themes, Deep Discussion

June 23, 2015 Karen Castle’s Castle (all sans SB, KS, and VM)

Dramatic departure: The best kind of big summer storm. Over by Olney.

Chatter: Dewey vs. Bethany (no clear winner); cooking vs. dining out at beach (do both); grocery shopping patterns (do we have to???); travel! (Azores/Castles + all Portugal fans, Iceland/Sue&Liz, Punta Cana/Katie & so many Russians); trees (care & keeping hassles); deer (love ’em/hate ’em); “Irish Potato Famine” does the name ‘blame’ the Irish? = hyper-PC semantics; selling Hummels on Ebay/beware the fussy buyers; deer sensors: high pitch stirs people who come outside & that’s what ‘scares’ away the deer

THE BOOK (no obvious segue but starting to eat)
The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman

Marie (???) picked it because:
1. Summer pick + light house = duh
2. Many likable characters
3. Tragic theme/choices not deal breakers to read
4. Library patrons LOVE talking about it

  • a steady stream of action & flow (not boring, not hyper)
  • Isabel stopped being so darn likable after meeting Hannah & still opting to deny the truth (poor Izzie; what a choice)
  • loved the info about the lighthouse care & keeper duties (well, most of us did most of the time)
  • Frank in the boat (accident) – some saw this as a rather weak transition for such a critical plot point; others were satisfied with the ‘townie attitude’ (while sane sheriff was away) led to the boat escape
  • Tom Sherbourne = sure born >>> good name choice! ditto for ‘Lucy’ (light)
  • so clever: Tom’s words to rescue Hannah (early on)/Hannah recalling same words years later to condemn Tom re: Lucy
  • Septimus the bad = causing/allowing distrust of Frank by all
  • Septimus the better = connecting with Lucy-Grace (the name and the actions)
  • we loved Bluey and Ralph, the characters who brought supplies & how they were the life line and also the undoing of life on the island
  • enjoyed the various symbols – light, names, water
  • much discussion about mental illness vs. really bad/selfish moments (esp. regarding Isabel)
  • ending – mostly nice/ok…but did Izzie have to survive all that & then miss seeing Lucy Grace by such a short time? Meh.

Theme Song: instrumental version of ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’

CASTING (this did not go smoothly)
Tom – Ryan Gosling
Isabel  – Emily Blount
Septimus –
Violet –
Hannah – Natalie Portman
Gwen – Winona Ryder
Lucy –
Bluey – Peta from the Hunger Games
Ralph – Tom Skerrit


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