Pandering or Pondering Science

November 2015 @ Viviane’s w/Marie, Shelley, Kitty, Liz, Angelika, Karen C, Karen S, Katie, Brennah! & Vanessa!

CHATTER:  Thanksgiving Recap:  home, parents, beach, non-traffic/no woes (locally); Betsy Silbur got engaged on Veteran’s Day (her b’day). Time to meet the Ohio inlaws-to-be; Big Snows/Storms:  power outages fun or not? abandoned streets = bonus; RULE AMENDMENT:  Bringing supplies/food when you must cancel at the last minute is NOT required when you are ill (contagious…); Updating crockpots>>longer & lower; Ben ill but

BOOK:  The Girl with All the Gifts by MR Carey
Shelley picked it because Kirstie recommended it based on her book club pick.

  • trendy title/topic; zombies overdone but still semi-likeable
  • any monster would’ve worked
  • themes we noted/liked:  science v. compassion; the value of education; Pandora myth/irony; science of infection; individual sacrifice for/vs. the greater good
  • justice meted out rather well to all main characters without being too pat or overdone
  • cohesive ending…not cheerful, but cohesive
  • some found the plot very murky – not enough clues about the hows and whys of what went wrong (too-fast reading or writing issues?)
  • Dr. Caldwell was a fanatic in the Religion of Science; non-emotional demeanor notwithstanding
  • clues were there like bread crumbs; some clunky reveals
  • whole book trying to convey humans are not good enough = unpalatable to some of us
  • Pandora >>>releasing all the horrors and ‘trapping’ hope? is troubling; original Pandora myth varies from this a bit
  • atonement & redemption in the end = pretty satisfying to readers
  • 2nd half of book moved so much faster – some disliked this, others found it fit the plot (1st – learn the daily routines & setting…later race through the danger)
  • as a zombie story, it’s really quite good

CASTING:  no great consensus except for Glenn Close for Dr. Caldwell
SONG:  Zombie by The Cranberries or End of the World as We Know It by REM

January 2016 pick by Viviane is The Children Act by Ian McEwan


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