Bootleg Backlog

Feb-June 2016:  We skipped ahead/over a few things, but the reading continued throughout…

FEBRUARY 2016:  @ Marie’s (no Viviane or Karen C)
Karen S’s pick:  Abide with Me by Elizabeth Strout

  • available in the library (unlike other Strout titles first sought)
  • short enough for the available reading time
  • intrigued by the Congregational church aspect (she grew up in one)

Our Basic Input

  • story/writing so ‘burdened’ = hard to delve into
  • father SO disconnected from daughter = ugh, dark, bleak
  • final redemption was quite nice (and nicely done), but too short/small a portion of the book
  • writing- so clear, so easy to feel/relate to dad’s feelings

MARCH 2016: Eleanor & Park  by Rainbow Rowell (Marie’s pick). Who has notes?

APRIL 2016:  Fortune Smiles, Johnson  (Kitty’s pick). Notes, anyone?

MAY 2016:  No meeting. And yet the world did not come to a screeching halt.

JUNE 2016: @ Mary’s w/Karen S, Kitty, Shelley, Sue, Liz and Katie
Sue’ pick:  That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo

  • tried other Russo books, but impending release made them all impossible to check out of the library
  • picked a short, older title from her bookshelf to get that Russo fix

Our Basic Input

  • Russo can turn a phrase!
  • but, this was a steady tone of ‘blah’ and so rather a downer
  • Horrible Mom speaking from the dead = gallows humor & funny; was it really how she was or just his perception? we couldn’t be sure
  • Words to NOT live by:  ‘Can’t afford it. Wouldn’t take it if I was given it.’
  • Russo’s parody/attack of academe (via the parents’ horrible house rental antics and reverse snobbery) was very clever
  • although the way they covered their shame & poverty with hutzpah & brassiness was rather sad in the end
  • 2x yearly they strove for perfection:  Christmas and vacation/summer house; rest of the year was a Hot Mess
  • Sunny & Marguerite served as clear counterpoints for the two kinds of love and relationship that were quite different than Jack & his wife (which was just grin & bear it; missed communication)

Next Meeting – & hopefully more robust notes:  July 19th @ Liz’s



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