The 10 Days that were 9 3/4 too many…

August 31, 2016 @ Karen C’s with Shelley, Liz, Viviane & yours truly


  • go, Larry Hogan…of course school should start after Labor Day
  • annual oohing and aahing over the fabulous screened in porch
  • Karen C’s new beach house (Bethany)
  • school dances:  0-2 slow dances max (it should be a rule if it isn’t)
  • the VMAs were terrible – no surprise
  • Is cable TV dead (within 3 years)?
  • Can live sports transition from cable/networks?
  • Would you watch golf before or after bowling, poker, pool or bull riding?
  • Olympics: awesome to see; waste of architecture & resources in host cities post games (how to repurpose?); opening ceremonies = overblown; make it stop; March of the Athletes is where it’s at…and the torch lighting, natch.

Our Book:  10 Days in the Hills by Jane Smiley 10 days in the hills by Jane Smiley ~~ Read the first chapter and that was it! Not my kind of book. totally bored me. Closed the book forever.:

Liz picked it because she saw Smiley at Nat’l Book Festival 2015 (fascinating speaker); intrigued by her goal to write a title in each genre/category (tragedy, comedy, satire, a trilogy, etc.) – this was her ‘satire’; Liz owned this book already

  • Smiley lampooned Hollywood, but this was not satire – not witty, not acerbic
  • Smiley seemed to identify very directly with Elena – a distractor to the reader
  • Not a plot, but more like Jane’s political diatribes alternated with sex scenes she thought were needed to keep some readers engaged (through the political parts)
  • We all were so very glad to reach the end.
  • We did enjoy recognizing some of the places being described (those of us who’ve lived there).

Next Meeting:  Viviane’s House (swapping months with Katie) @ 7:15 Sept. 29

Karen C’s pick:  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot



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