Sometimes Ordinary Means Bleak

November 2016 @ China Gourmet – our big night out!
Shelley, Liz, Mary, Marie, Kitty, & Yours Truly

Pre Chat:  Lots of catching up & empathy on family health issues…some rather TBD (Katie’s dad), some impressively & lightheartedly long-lived (Mary’s mom), and some a bit icky and fortunately short-acting (Liz’s offspring).

Oh, the conundrum of menu narrowing & entrée selection. We prevailed. Deliciously. After the waitress checked on us – oh so nicely – 3x!

Book Talk:  Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger Image result
Shelley picked it by perusing reviews & noting the setting is 1961 (birth year). Impressions & Inputs:

  • some trouble with suspension of disbelief since one 13-year-old boy, Frank, was responsible for so many key decisions that impacted so many people over a long-ish period of time
  • The Bartender’s Tale had charm & grim reality; this was just pretty bleak, overall…it needed more quirky, a few more twists of flat-out crazy, or shots of levity
  • we hated Doyle for good reason
  • we mostly disliked the mom Ruth, too (shallow, selfish, living in the past & rather a stage mom)
  • Jake = very likeable and realistic
  • Nathan’s/Dad’s job as pastor made it reasonable that this family would know so much about so many situations
  • Warren – intriguingly bitter
  • the concept of grace was handled deftly in terms of showing a realistic span of how different people try to live, share, display grace
    • pastor:  ignore/damp down war PTSD; keep calm & carry on
    • Jake:  allowing others to ignore/deride him – to a point; kind to himself
  • also a good job showing poor examples (boyfriend’s parents)

DESSERT:  Thanks to Hege, we had SUPER YUMMY Norwegian chocolate. So thoughtful. AND she sent us ‘Literary Listography – My Reading Life in Lists.’

The first list is My Top 20 Most Beloved Books. So let’s do this…
Leave a comment with your utmost BELOVED BOOK.

Next Meeting:  The Holiday TEA Party @ Liz’s
Sunday, December 11th 2:30-5:30.
Bring bubbly & a smashingly posh & delish nibble to share.

January book:  Katie’s pick tba. Location tba.




2 responses to “Sometimes Ordinary Means Bleak

  1. Catherine Stone

    Kitty’s favorites (that come to mind tonight): Belle Canto (Ann Patchett), A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens), Year of Wonders (Geraldine Brooks)

  2. Katie’s favorite books: American Gods (Neil Gaiman), Harry Potter (JK Rowling), The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde)

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