No Lie: Friends Provide Undying Support

March 2017 @ Marie’s House
(missing Mary/work; Karen C/family; Viviane/broken wrist!)
special guest:  Kitty’s sister, Margaret (don’t even think ‘Peggy’)


  • dogs:  familiarity, control (or not); poor Viviane
  • visiting adults kids & vice versa – there’s some calculus about the farther away they live the more you see them
  • Shelley is a neat reader; does she wear gloves? sit in a bubble? with perfect posture? (full disclosure:  she re-sells her books)
  • young adult kids & driving in major snow storms – they all do it at least once
    • Katelyn’s hotel room in Bethlehem, PA was sold out from under her…no room
  • redemption movies:  ugh. too much pain for the 10 minutes of relief
  • Katie tuned out a bunch of Hollywood Bad Behavior – blah, blah, blah
  • Kitty in the Hot Seat:  telling her sister what each of us does (in life and for a living). She was not batting 1.000. But it was fun
  • Babies/grand babies:  people, just add 3 weeks to the due date (but have a bag packed)
  • good books don’t always engender good discussion & vice versa, for sure
    • favorite:  when bad book engenders good chat
  • Sue & Steve doing Grand Tour of Utah in May: they are the best travelers
  • DNA Genealogy test:  Liz, Marie, Shelley, Kitty, Margaret. Apparently it’s a thing.
  • Marie had a toast for us. Actually, it was to honor Katie’s dad (he died March 11). Not a dry eye. Read it; you’ll be happy (well, and crying) that you did. Here you go:

    An Irish Funeral Prayer

The Book:  Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty Image result for big little lies bad guy

Kitty picked it because:

  1. Her sister (and our guest) had suggested it a while back. Kitty liked it.
  2. The recent HBO series reminded her of it.
  • ~98% of us read it
  • overall:  interesting; light, easy page-turner; our genre title:  ‘heavy chick lit’
  • also:  Real Housewives of Australia (was it Melbourne?) – some of his were entertained by the drama/snark & others not quite so much
  • author did NOT over-reveal; clues were doled out with some finesse
    • Jane’s reason for going to PP in the first place = particularly satisfying
    • main gimmick (who died? how?) was engaging/appealing
  • clever chapter format:  the point of view changes and the police interview quips
  • title was good – so many layers
  • each character had a reasonable-to-realistic mix of good & bad
    • helicopter parenting – bitingly accurate portrayal
    • realistic men, for the most part; for the record, we like Ed best
    • Mrs. Ponder – not really necessary, but we’re glad she was there
  • subtle wording  made some of us wonder:  did Perry decide to let go when Bonnie pushed him? his ‘perfect’ life was gone… & would such an athlete really go over so easily or die from a 2nd story fall?

April Meeting:  Shelley’s

Marie’s book pick:  “The Possibilities” by Kaui Hart Hemmings. 


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