The Importance of Being

August 2017:  We meet at China Gourmet because Hostess Viviane has newly-freed birds of a feather coming to rest in her nest. Hooray & Amen!

All attending, save Sue. We missed you, Sue!

Houston, oh, Houston. We wish you well.

Chatter, actually a round up of great & fun news (shared w/ varying levels enthusiasm):

  • the GOOD Harvey photos (Karen S’s grandson); middle name (Daniel), anyone???
  • Kitty & the vegan wedding – a few plans not planned, but a grand result overall
  • It’s raining jobs on Liz. It’s a tricky wicket.
  • Karen C. is fully finished. Her perfect position is coming; bridge consulting gig ok
  • Katie enjoyed the Project Run ALS events in NYC & beach (anyone wanna learn more or donate:
  • Marie’s Robert’s girlfriend and co-condo owner is adorbs; they’re so happy!
  • Mary’s Michael is ensconced in his fancy (?) NYC digs > he has a full BR wall!
  • Shelley spilled everything (or was on the receiving end) and her hair remained perfect – as usual
  • Viviane trumps all – we toasted to new life & freedom

After the great Zucchini Confusion we did a rather efficient job ordering delish entrees for all to share (including all food-etarian needs). Brilliant split of checks by booze and food, Liz. And Karen S for bringing Order By Number to the fore. Hooray for Lazy Susans (and the housemate of that lazy wench who invented the table spinner for us)

***NEWS*** The Official Chinese Menu Item is the Pineapple Triple Delight

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde the importance of being earnest

Karen C picked it because she’d read it, ‘her’ 2017 pick was swept out from under her (Hillbilly Elegy), it’s a classic, it’s easy to read on the beach.

  • we liked it – it was the keystone for all witty repartee to follow
  • the wordplay remains rather unique even today and the ironic twists, too
  • intelligent banter movies & sitcoms owe this one (Philadelphia Story, Big Bang Theory); the modern versions have more layers & subplots, but this play is why
  • Shelley did scenes in HS & recalled them so well = Fun!
  • Some of us have seen it. Others heard it while reading (in a good, non-hallucinatory way). Others of us wished to be seeing it (over reading it) since SO much would be conveyed by skilled acting. Of course dialogue speed would be fierce, so reading first may be best after all
  • now THIS is satire – such skewering of social norms and reversing of roles and vapidly astute (yes, really) changes of heart
  • shout out for the pun: earnest/ernest
  • Who knew of and who read the 4th act? Some of us. Definitely better without it. Good decision, Oscar

Dessert – Yummy chocolate cupcakes from Karen C’s neighbor who has a baking business with no name. With a chaser of Chinese Statement Cookies. Oddly amusing.

September Meeting @ Sue’s – most likely Sept. 23 or 24; book TBD (Viviane)


2 responses to “The Importance of Being

  1. No, YOU rock, Kitty. Okay, we both rock.

  2. Catherine Stone

    You rock, Katie.

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