The Baby Will Declare

March 2018 @ Marie’s (technically met in April)
– Missing Sue and Shelley, but full house otherwise…yay! Since they were traveling on the meeting date, we are due some fine bookmarks (Rule 67-#B2.34x).


  • speaking of house… Kitty’s sold! So fast – including a quick-change to Family 2. Will Barry now stop ‘haunting’ the yard & stay put in their cute (tiny) condo?
  • To better focus on PT and ‘life,’ Liz is transitioning out of The Writers Center exec. position:  ‘happy to have done it & happy to be done’
  • Karen C. juggling three jobs, mastering all (despite one boss’s quirky managerial style), and waiting to see which one comes up roses (or has fewest thorns)
  • Marie prepping to launch Bootleg’s Deployment Care Package – details tba; Margaret is single & getting bad naming ‘advice’ from her MFA program; Daniel cruising along fine
  • Karen S. relatively low on News, but just one photo of the Adorable Grand Boy (and Proud Papa on the side) says it all
  • Viviane, Mary, and Katie – are we sublimely quiet or a bit boring???
  • Maisie – very well behaved, especially when faced with the Oh, Dread Tin Trays & Pie Pans (or allowed to gnaw on treat-packed things and yummy bones). Good Dog.

The Book:  Juniper – The Girl Who Was Born too Soon by Kelley & Thomas French Juniper K&T French

Katie picked it because:

  1. She heard an interview with one of the neonatologists and the medical aspects of such a young life (22 weeks at birth!) were fascinating.
  2. Read the book and was engrossed in the medicine and caregiving PLUS wanted to see if the parents (authors) told the story ‘straight’ or with any agenda.
  3. The phrase, “The baby will declare; follow the baby,” was so appealing to me and rather brilliantly conveyed.
  4. Bonus points to Harry Potter’s role…


  • most everyone got very involved with how much they did not like the Frenches, esp. before they became parents – questionable morals, narcissism; one of us did not read past ~30 pages since they were so icky
  • medical condition and symptoms were trying to read – some kept at it ONLY since they knew Katie picks ‘Disney endings’
  • everyone maintained varying levels of suspicion about the French’s motives for writing the book but agreed they did an excellent job conveying the day-to-day highs and lows as well as the sweeping changes and medical brilliance involved
  • luck, insight, the right expert reading Juniper at the right time, and miracles were all integral to the story and Juniper’s survival
  • was Juniper in ‘too much’ pain? was it ‘too hard?’ maybe. or apparently not since she ‘had many chances to die’ and seemingly declared that she would not
  • so many resources for one small life, is that a dilemma? all life is priceless AND so much expertise is gained for so many other patients when this kind of rare (but increasingly do-able) success occurs; also, no guarantee that a ‘normal’ birth will yield an ‘affordable’ or ‘low risk’ kid
  • many of us wanted more Epilogue – is Juniper really thriving? without any significant learning or growth issues?
    • See for yourself:  she stars in Hermione Granger and the Midwestern Muggle Chickens (a very sophisticated family home movie).
    • Young Juniper (in the starring role) has trouble saying ‘Rs’ and a few other blends and has some ‘goofy little kid’ about her, but her memory, physicality, and spell casting seem on par.

Next Book:  Marie’s pick – Chemistry by Weike Wang

Next Meeting:  at Viviane’s house, April date tbd



One response to “The Baby Will Declare

  1. Catherine Stone

    Perfectly presented as always — thank you Katie!

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