Family Matters

April 2018 Meeting @ Viviane’s  (missing Kitty, Karen C)

Chit Chat

  • Viviane’s new furniture (her family is 110% wrong about the chairs) & the window (!) when it’s still light outside; also a recap of the wall-tearing-down she did to elevate the space (upon move in); PLUS:  dish chargers & platters & entrée w/rice…basically, her taste is IMPECCABLE
  • Liz has her A Game launched for flat shoes (silver sequined sneakers to start); no heels ’til next year (a lemons to lemonade scenario)
  • Viv’s NYC girls are surviving each other (precious: ‘but if I pay all the rent at once I only have $200 left’ …’go out less, walk more’ = perfect)
  • Margaret’s MFA reading approaches…good thoughts to her! (and submit to Poet Lore, girl!); enjoy the event, Mom Marie
  • David’s Yard Sale – he sells all the stuff his parents gave him (yes, he truly has a knack for business)
  • Mary & Kevin go to the Caps game – sure, the Caps won (a wow & esp. for her first game); more important:  they bagged Sunday work to have FUN
  • Sue hoping to host us in Florida in September. Sorry, not a likely scenario…
  • Our kids travel so much more than some of us do (e.g. Katelyn & Michael:  Europe; David, Matt:  everywhere)
  • Karen S arrived quite long after her salad (yum!), but once starvation was quelled she relayed a delightful Grandson’s 1st B’day Recap. And explained with such ‘unfettered joy’ about Christopher’s plans to take her camping [insert side eye here].

So Much More Than Chit Chat

  • Shelley’s family news added an entirely new dimension to ‘family’
  • genetics and generational tracking of features – a cool & fun hobby
  • Ancestry DNA – caveat emptor… as in, be ready for what you asked for

THE BOOK:  Chemistry – a novel by Weike Wang Chemistry

Marie picked it because

  1. It was short and easy to manage in a foreshortened picking period.
  2. She likes reading books of young women resolving family ties issues.
  3. The format was appealing.
  4. Marie likes reading debut novels…perhaps because of the not-so-thinly veiled autobiographical elements

Most of us read most-to-all of it.

  • overall, a thumbs up – mostly for the voice & text format or point of view
  • many did not like the main character – so much whining & not nice to boyfriend
  • but… she was bucking family mores & scared, depressed about lack of direction when science career bottoms out, and short on coping skills
  • the unwinding of the science career scenarios were very well written!
  • why did boyfriend stay with her? he did fall in love when things were steadier and won’t abandon her now; any attention is better than none; it’s nice to be needed
  • Tyler dates a woman who is Chinese…does she think Shelley & Ron are laughingly doting? [yes]
  • post-meeting question 1:  did any of us realize this is  marketed as a Young Adult (maybe New Adult) novel? does that even matter? [no]
  • post-meeting question 2:  is the title just ‘Chemistry’ [probably] and did the cover designer or editor add ‘a novel by’ in front of her name so the SEO wouldn’t think it was a text book? [probably] Related note:  like it better as part of the title, fwiw


Next Book – Viviane’s Pick:  Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey

Meeting at Shelley’s, date tba

OTHER Next Meeting tba:  Viv’s hubbie & a daughter get citizenship soon; Viv awaits her letter for her (oh-so-solemn) swearing-in date. LAS GRINGAS WANT TO ATTEND!!!usa-1439858_1920


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