Grow Where You’re Planted

Bootleg July 2018:  Guest Post by Liz and Mary

July: hosted by Karen Castle and her fabulous screened porch (new furniture!)

 We only had 5 attend the meeting (Liz, Mary, Marie and Shelley) and only 3 had finished the book, so the discussion was limited. MIA:  Kitty, Karen S (tennis), Sue (Alaska), Viviane (DC dinner), Katie (honoring her Dad), Rose (caring for her Dad).

Chit chat: We toasted to Robert’s save return from deployment. He and his girlfriend are now vacationing in Germany. Catherine has a new job with Gubhub, Tyler and his fiancé have initiated wedding plans with an eye on a 2019 date – location will be Philadelphia.  Liz, in an effort to provide info on how to avoid issues in planning a wedding provided the woeful details of the planning process for Matthew’s wedding, set for August 31, 2019 in Newport.  Key to success is getting the list right before signing a contract on a location! (duh).  Karen’s charming children all made appearances as well as boyfriend to Grace, Nick.  He apparently hasn’t started his summer reading for his senior year – he is leaning toward Catch-22 and so the group, of course, offered their opinion.  Grace will read A Prayer for Owen Meany –and Karen will read it (again) as well. We reviewed the reading list for seniors at Sherwood and were pleasantly surprised by the variety (at least 10 were bootleg books!) but then disappointed with the soul killing assignment.

Jewelweed – Mary selected this book b/c she wanted to read something similar to The jewelweed.PNGBartender’s Tale – that focused on small town, slower pace of life and had interesting characters.

Mary and Liz LOVED the book – every aspect, the writing, the story, the characters.  Favorite characters were August (Mary) and Wally (Liz).  It was noted that it was a very sensory book and we struggled to understand the mystical elements -what was the author attempting? – (this is where additional input from bootleggers would have been helpful). Both Karen and Liz were reminded of Steinbeck’s Cannery Row with regard to the uniqueness of the characters.

Info on the author’s history was shared – a 30 year lapse in writing due to a motorcycle accident that left Mr. Rhodes paralyzed.  Both Liz and Mary are reading the prequel to Jewelweed, Driftless.  Liz had finished and commented that Jewelweed was the better offering of the two.

 Author History from Mary’s research:

Shelley will host in August.  Karen has chosen The Quiet American by Graham Greene.



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