A Long, Strange Trip

September 2018 at Sue’s Shangri-La with Rose, Shelley, and Marie
elsewhere: Liz (b’day), Katie (beach work), Mary (wedding), Karen S. (work work)
sabbatical:  Kitty                         attendance/activity tba: 
Karen C. 

Thanks, Guest Blogger, Shelley!

Rose, Marie and I hunkered down for the long road trip.
Rose was the co-pilot and navigator.  Looking at the directions, “Wait, this is way past Fredrick. Sue said she lives in Fredrick.”

Sue looked fit and fab with her Florida tan and her pickle ball physique!

Lots of appetizers(Sue’s homemade salsa, yum!), Sue made a great pasta dish and Marie filled in as salad queen.

Margaret got a writing job! She’s been working in a restaurant and really enjoyed it but is happy to have a real job (as they say in the biz).

Kitchen Confidential

Shelley’s Pick:  Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Rose and I read the book, Marie read half of the book and then a patient wanted it. Sue listened on tape.

We all liked the book and writing style.
I gave some background on Anthony Bourdain and we all decided the guy didn’t need much sleep.

Those who hadn’t read the afterword were glad to hear that the author writes that many of the practices in the book no longer happen these days.

I related some restaurant stories from my experiences and Ron’s.

An eerie discussion about ghosts seemed apropos in the very dark back yard.

Sue’s deck was lovely with candles,  Tiki torches and a beautiful sunset view through the trees.
Alas, no hot tubing but a very fun evening.

Next Book:  Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo


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