With Friends Like These…

October 2018  Meeting with Rose in her Cozy Home* plus Mary, Marie, Karen S., Liz, Yours Truly, Shelley, & Sue…also, Leo (big, sweet, lug-of-a-dog). Viviane & Karen C were semi-awol; Kitty is on leave.                                          *New location – a delight!

General Chatter:

  • Karen S. is having a GIRL!!!! Well, a girl grandchild. In her gene pool (all eddies) this is rarer than the Hope Diamond x winning MegaMillions x air on Mars x the combined height in millimeters of ALL her boys. March Madness will take on a new meaning in 2019 (due date).
  • Shelley is a cr@ck dealer. Her dealers is onion-creamy and served on toast rounds. And made from 110% legal everything. But still… You. Are. Warned. She’s also getting a (practically) brand new bathroom thanks to an odd leak and a contractor who was not the least impressed or swayed by Ron’s plan to ‘keep everything’ and ‘just tile over stuff.’ Nicely done, Shel.
  • Sue came back for her Not Actually Happening Retirement Not Actually a Party (more like ‘organized, extended Happy Hours). Sadly, since it was left to Former Boss to organize (oh, the strain of sending an email!!!), it never got on the books. Silver lining 1:  we got to see her. Silver lining 2:  she heads back to FL 1 day early.
  • Liz accomplished 3 miles (nice progress, Hip Lady!) of a 4-mile hike at Black Hills Regional Park. Her co-hikers just left her at mile 3. No…they drove through the woods to get her. Actually, it was 2 miles in/out on a drivable path. So, EZ pick up.
  • Rose is DONE buying Christmas gifts – she’s buying the family a trip, instead. Parameters & options well-sifted, we heartily endorsed Vegas, baby!
  • Mary’s working too much. This is not news – not even close. However, her reasons (colleague needs) are totally legit. We’re just glad she had time to join us for a while.
  • Marie’s Margaret has a job in NYC publishing. The 2 principles (it’s a new company) have legit CVs, but the work flow is odd. Take lunch, Margaret!
  • My Katelyn is back home and up to her eyeballs as Athletic Trainer at University of Maryland – Cross Country, Track & Field. She’s insulated from the May tragedy. We’re happy she’s home (socking away all that rent & grocery money!).

THE BOOK:  Sue picked Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russonobodys fool

  1. She’d gotten Everybody’s Fool a while back (at a Russo event) and needed to read our pick since it precedes the book that’d been on her shelf for so long.
  2. She liked Empire Falls (an earlier Bootleg read, btw) and other Russo titles.

Our Comments:

  • Most everyone loved it.
  • It’s real, it’s familiar. It’s ‘all boy’ and ‘men are like that.’ It’s funny. It’s how ‘they’ talk to each other.
  • Small town life is so insular & over-lapping. This is well-depicted.
  • Some favorite characters include Wirf (his napkin notes), the diner staff (esp. ‘the one black man in town’), Beryl Peoples (a voice of reason…except when not hearing voices), and Sully (so many who hate him also love him).
  • Karen S. did find (and others agreed) that there were many scenes of lengthy description. A lot of telling (not enough showing/doing) for long spurts.
  • Katie was the lone dissenter. Not unfamiliar people. But not funny. Writing skill quite good overall. BIG ISSUE:  If you’re going to write about what’s hard, then why must you squash every avenue to (or even small glimmer of) hope? Most all treatment of Rub and young girl – unacceptable. And I’ll stop here.
    • Post meeting recollection: one funny part is the snow blower thievery.


NEXT MEETING:  China Gourmet @ 7 p.m. date TBA

Rose’s Book Pick:  The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah



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