Bootleg Bookclub

2014 Holiday Fun

Christmas 2014 party

Bootleg does it again! Not pictured: Kitty (4-legged proxy in the tree) Barely pictured: Angelika (in the mirror as photographer)

Delish food. Delightful company. Dastardly gift trading @ a minimum (sorry, Karen S). Hottest item? Jumbo binder clips (Marie’s no-longer secret passion)

2015 Book Club gift calendar of 2014 titlesParty Favor  – featuring our 2014 selections

2013 Photo Update:

wHOOPing it up @ Christmas!

wHOOPing it up @ Christmas!

Since 1994 a core of characters have come together each month to discuss life, books and food.  Though some members have changed, the love of books has been the constant theme.

                    Reading makes us happy!

May 2010

The Bootleg Bookclub operates without rules.   However, we try hard not to forget these basic guidelines:Each member gets to select a book once per year, ideally two months before it’s to be discussed.  It is taboo to discuss the book outside of a meeting.   Selected books should be readily available from the library.  Some of us can’t fit another purchased book in our house – anywhere.

Each person hosts one monthly meeting a year.  Set the date at the preceding meeting. Hash it out at least 16 more times via email, as needed (& it always is).  The person who selected the book & the hostess are the only two who must be present at a meeting.

Plan to eat well!  Organize the menu via email.  Themed food and drinks are welcome.  Default options (divvied up based on members’ skills & preferences):   homemade bread or anything potato-y,  appetizers, wine, fruit salad, soup, leafy salad, ‘non-alc bevs’.  Dessert is provided by the prior month’s hostess.  Turtle pie is traditional, but not required.  Special assignments are made for the December Holiday Party.  The annual brunch has a menu of its own.

No kids allowed.  However, mothers of infants will not be admitted without baby in tow for group cuddling and cooing.

Early meeting chit chat includes heavy appetizers & is generally limited to talk about school, ‘poolitics’ and our kids.  These topics are not required; it’s just that we can’t help ourselves.

The book should be discussed while eating dinner.

  • Delay book talk until stragglers arrive.
  • The book selector must begin the official discussion with an explanation of why the book was chosen.
  • Multiple conversation lines are strictly forbidden.
  • Minutes must be taken.  Almost nothing is ‘off record’ (you’ve been warned).
  • Literary analysis is welcome.  Literary snootiness is not.

When discussion ends, cast the characters of the book using fan-zines.   Keep in mind:

  • Hair color can be changed.  Massive re-aging is not acceptable.
  • Keanu Reeves & Demi Moore cannot have any roles of importance.
  • Occasional theme casting (i.e. cartoon characters, wild animals) is okay.
  • Dead people cannot be cast, including John-John (except if we’re casting ONLY with dead actors).

Traveling club members often bring back book marks for the group.  Loopy or long bookmarks must be tucked behind an ear while reading.  Anyone traveling on a meeting date must send a postcard to the hostess’s house to be shared during the meeting.


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