Katie’s Good Reads

I read a lot and I like quirky. Unless I feel like reading something classic, traditional, sci fi, or historically fictional. I don’t like memoir as a rule, but I really love biographies; I know the difference when I read them. Nonfiction has to read like fiction for me to really get into it. Yet I hold no truck with narrative non-fiction…a.k.a. ‘lies my publisher accepted.’ Taped books are great while walking or running but put me to sleep when I’m driving. And some books really do read better than they sound (e.g. Stephen King: The Dome = ick; On Writing = yay!). I adore YA and picture books.

Caveat: I’ll read almost anything selected by my bookclub – it’s one of our rules. More importantly, I hate not being able to participate fully in our conversations.

If you want to know more about what I read & think, check out my book lists & reviews at Goodreads.com.


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